John Crossman

John Crossman - Speaker

John is a nationally renowned public speaker who connects with audiences through powerful storytelling, vulnerability, and transparency. This humble approach allows the audience to see John as a more approachable and trustworthy advisor. He prefers to speak on difficult yet relevant topics including race, mental health, suicide, community development, and bridge building.

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Speaker Topics

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How to Build Their Careers

Using the practical guidance from his book, John shares his top 5 ways to keep from destroying a career and the 5 key ways to build a successful and meaningful career.

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Addressing Topics of Networking

John stresses the importance of using social media and relationship building to create a brand that sets employees up for long-term professional success.

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Conference Preparation

While some treat conferences as a “vacation where you do a little work,” John shares how working harder than his peers at conferences completely changed his career and allowed him to acquire and retain his most important clients.

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Relationship Development

Relationships are the key to a successful career. How are the best business relationships built, and how does having healthy relationships outside of work help you thrive both at work and in life?

Keynote Speaker

Due to his distinguished career in commercial real estate, John continues to speak on the future of shopping centers. He is an excellent choice for a keynote speaker for companies, colleges, and employers who work with students and young professionals. John has often been described by students as “the best lecturer of their college career”. Others describe him as “inspiring,” “challenging,” and “life-changing.”

Audience during a speaking engagement by John Crossman

"John speaks from the heart of experience as a successful businessman who pursued significance above success throughout his remarkable career. His authenticity speaks to audiences of all ages and experience."

Valencia College

Sandy Shugart, Ph.D

"Through the art of storytelling, John has a unique way of connecting with an audience, leaving them with an impactful message along with tangible takeaways that can immediately be put into action. John is an individual who has a passion for helping others succeed and instills a strong belief in others that they too can accomplish success"

University of Florida

Craig Petrus
Executive Director of Career Services

"John is a sought after speaker for our organization because he delivers engaging and energetic talks that capture the listener’s attention and inspire them for achievement or positive change. He has a wealth of personal and professional experiences that he weaves into his content and is always able to customize his focus based on the topic and audience."

ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean

Julie Medley
Executive Director

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