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John Crossman - Consultant

John has a long and accomplished history of problem-solving and assisting companies in dealing with difficult topics. He has consulted with executives one-on-one and has also assisted executive boards in making strategic planning decisions. In the last few years, John has also assisted in the structure of complex real estate deals with multiple parties.

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Consultancy Topics

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There are few things that John finds more fulfilling than helping leaders create a plan for professional success. The first step is listening and understanding the needs of the leader and the organization.

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Organizational Structure

As the workforce continually changes, the systems and structures that helped grow your company may now be what is holding it back. John is gifted at evaluating the current needs of your company and clients to help create a plan for success.

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Team Development

Many employers are aware that older business models are not cost-effective or helpful to clients. John helps executives and business owners develop a new approach in which employees are promoted, retained, and taken care of.

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Community Outreach

Strategically meeting needs in the community can strengthen existing business relationships and help create new ones. John has received numerous awards and gained clients as a result of his community outreach efforts.

A Unique Perspective

John brings a unique, actionable perspective that helps companies address systemic issues, how to mitigate them, and move towards growth. Clients value John’s ability to help them find the confidence and clarity needed to successfully navigate the road ahead.

Consultation meeting with John Crossman

"Mr. Crossman has a genuine desire to leave a positive, lasting impact on communities, people, and businesses he interacts with. He wants to bring the best out of people and was able to help Smithfield Foods and our Smithfield NEXT employee resource group take a step in accomplishing that. I would recommend Mr. Crossman to anyone looking to engage people in a challenging and positive way."

Smithfield NEXT

Noah S. Clevinger

"John’s ability to develop an intellectual and emotional connection with his audience makes him stand out. The best speakers and counselors are not the ones that make you feel good or give you all ‘the answers,’ but the ones that, like John, teach you how to think for yourself. If you are into transparency, personal examples, and passion, there’s no one better."

Lakeland Economic Development Council

Steve Scruggs

"Because of his tremendous depth of experience and vast network among industry leaders, John is a very rare breed. He’s at once a technical expert and a sage counselor and a passionate advocate. He combines his guidance and expertise with the deft touch of a master storyteller. You’ll see this talent unveiled in his book or in the first few minutes of one of his presentations. John has been there: street broker, CEO of a large services firm, community activist, best-selling author, dedicated family man and trade association leader. If you are looking for a game-changer, find John."

Blaine Strickland
CCIM – Coach/Speaker/Best-selling Author

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