Career Killers Career Builders Book

Career Killers Career Builders

Career Killers Career Builders was born from John’s passion for helping students and young professionals develop into outstanding leaders. The book has won 15 national awards and is based on John Crossman’s most requested speech, “The Top Five Ways to Get Fired and The Top Five Ways to Keep From Being Fired.” College students have embraced the simplicity and practical wisdom of the book while executives have embraced the book’s ability to prepare and empower young workforces.

At 39 years old and with 17 years of time in the post-college workforce, I still found a lot of Value Inn refreshing on several of the points covered in this book. Mr. Crossman does a great job of summarizing so many of the pitfalls that I saw friends and colleagues fall into, including myself, early in our respective careers.

The real life examples that he shares are interesting and help Drive the point home on so many of these career Killers as he calls them. The career builders section is also well composed and covers some of the key things that I have looked for in employees when I’ve hired or developed talent in the past.


As a “Millennial” this book has tremendously helped me in the marketplace today. Its taught me ways to build my career and take it to the next level, as well as things to avoid that will alter my route and production. It shows you that it is easier to be successful than to be average. It takes the same amount of effort you just have to keep learning and doing the right thing every day. When I found John Crossman through social media I immediately connected with him and his content. In such a noisy world today it is so refreshing to find someone who is “real” and is genuinely out to help others. This book is a way that John has found to give back to the younger generation and help them get a leg up on everyone else. Thank you John your an inspiration!!

Zlatan D.

As a soon to be college junior, this book was a must read to help prepare for mt final few years in college and give me the confidence I need to finish school strongly and venture out into the workforce. Mr. Crossman wrote this book with the passion and drive to help inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers. This book is written with the 21st century workforce in mind, and is truly an essential resource for any college student who wants to stand out and get hired. After completing the book in less then two days, I already feel like I know more then I’ve learned in years of so called “career” classes, and I have the all the confidence in the world leading into my future job interviews. Don’t think twice, and do yourself a favor by picking up a copy of this book. The day you get your first job offer after graduation, you’ll be thanking Mr. John Crossman.

David M.

Every young person starting out their career should read this book and take to heart the advice the author gives in very simple terms: things you might do that can destroy your career and things you can do to propel your career. I’ve seen CEO’s that have ruined their careers by ignoring some of the things the author tells you in plain conversational style never to do.

This book is a must read.


Practices that Ensure Success

Much of the content is drawn from John’s personal experiences, tragedy, struggles, and successes he has encountered in his own life. The book provides hope and practical resources to prevent and deal with the most common and potentially devastating pitfalls that many achievers face. Key insights are also provided to help readers incorporate practices that will ensure success in a chosen profession.

John Crossman

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