John Crossman receiving plaque

Strong Leader

John Crossman’s father was a Methodist minister and civil rights leader. John inherited two great characteristics from his father: service and bridge-building. John has always looked to serve his employers, his fellow employees, and his community. During 25 years as a leader in the commercial real estate industry, he has established 6 college scholarships, worked extensively to create real estate programs in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and continued to be a bridge builder in the areas of race, socio-economics, religion, and politics.

Serving the Future

John continues to serve and build bridges using the valuable lessons he’s learned from his successes, failures, counselors, coaches, and mentors. He now seeks to pass those lessons on to executives, achievers, and college students. He established Crossman Career Builders as the vehicle to continue providing help and guidance to the community.

John Crossman at FAMU Law Event


"Even with my early success in business, there were many business and life skills that I lacked. There were areas where I needed help. When I needed a doctor, I went to the doctor. When I needed professional counseling, I went to the counselor. And when I needed coaching, I got the best coaching I could find. And now I want to give others the wisdom that I received." John Crossman

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